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NMPPA Scholarship Program

NMPPA established the Scholarship Fund to help members who require financial assistance to participate in the chapter's training and educational events. Any member may apply for this tuition assistance by completing the Scholarship Fund Application. The program is administered by the chapter's Awards & Scholarship Committee.


Any NMPPA member who is active, contributing and whose membership is in good standing (as defined by the chapter's constitution & by-laws) for a period of no less than one (1) year may apply for a scholarship with a maximum value of $450. Seated officers and members of the Awards & Scholarship Committee are not eligible.

Scholarship(s) must be used for future professional development events including:
  • NMPPA-sponsored seminars or conferences
  • professional purchasing certification fees
  • NIGP's annual Forum
  • NIGP seminars
A scholarship may be applied toward the cost of registration fees, books, and/or travel expenses directly related to the approved event. Funds cannot be applied toward the cost of a past event or accomplishment.

Scholarship funds may be used for expenses not covered by other reimbursement(s) from an employer or other granting source(s). When you apply, you must indicate on your application the source and amount of other payments you receive for an event. Failure to disclose this information will result in non-approval or repayment of scholarship funds.


Submit a complete NMPPA Scholarship Fund Application and the required supporting documentation no later than August 1 of each calendar year. Failure to submit a complete application package may disqualify the applicant.

Additional supporting documentation for each application includes:

  • a current resume which reflects professional experience, education, and affiliations.
  • a single-page typewritten essay stating career objective, how course will benefit applicant's professional development and why the applicant believes he/she should receive the scholarship.
  • documentation verifying applicant is currently employed in a public purchasing profession.
  • any further documentation that the applicant believes would assist the committee.
  • the education/training policy from applicant's organization.
The application materials you submit become the property of the NMPPA Awards & Scholarship Program and remain confidential.


The Awards & Scholarship Committee judge each complete package on the applicant's individual merits. The committee gives equal consideration to each of the required elements of the application and complete package, and will especially consider an applicant's:

  • accomplishments in a public purchasing and/or a material management position.
  • ability to assume increased responsibility and leadership positions.
  • potential and professional contributions that could be enhanced through further technical or executive leadership training opportunities.
  • overall financial need.
  • commitment to the field of public purchasing.
  • overall need for pursuing this career objective and/or learning opportunity.


Scholarship(s) are awarded annually at the chapter's November meeting. Two scholarships are awarded each year, and only one scholarship can be awarded to members who are employed by the same agency (defined as a division within a department or district.) No individual can receive more than one scholarship per year.

The maximum scholarship amount is $450; however, the amount awarded cannot exceed 80% of the funds required for the approved event. Balances are paid by the individual's employing agency or from personal funds.

Funds awarded for registration fees for NMPPA-sponsored seminars or conferences, NIGP seminars and/or the NIGP annual Forum are paid directly to the chapter or entity sponsoring the event. Funds awarded for travel-related expenses for NIGP seminars and/or NIGP's annual Forum are reimbursed following submission of receipts and/or proof of travel. Professional purchasing certification fees are reimbursed and proof of prior payment is required.

Scholarships must be used within one year from the date of award; unused funds are returned to NMPPA Scholarship Program for future use. Awards require the unanimous decision of the committee. In the event of a tie, the chapter president casts the tie-breaking vote.


Written appeals must be submitted to the Scholarship and Awards Committee within 14 days of the date on the denial letter. The chairperson or a committee member will present any appeals to the NMPPA board of directors for review. Decisions by the board of directors are final. Only one scholarship per division of a department or district is available, and for an amount not to exceed 80% of the registration fee. Agencies are responsible for determining who among their staff would best be served by scholarship assistance.


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