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Reporting All Procurements under the Statewide Price Agreement

Dorothy Mendonca, State Purchasing Agent | Published on 2/16/2024
Date: February 15, 2024
To: All State Agencies, Local Public Bodies CPOs and CFOs
From: Dorothy Mendonca, State Purchasing Agent
Subject: Reporting All Procurements under the Statewide Price Agreement


This memorandum is a directive to all agencies, local public bodies who are using a Statewide Price Agreement (SWPA) and is being issued in accordance with the New Mexico Procurement Code, Section 13-1-95. et seq. NMSA 1978 - Purchasing division; creation; director is state purchasing agent; appointment; duties.

To ensure continued compliance with the provision of the Procurement Code, effective immediately, all agencies and local public bodies using a SWPA shall report all procurements to the state purchasing agent, to include the amounts encumbered. While this reporting has been encouraged in the past, it has come to the attention of the State Purchasing Division (SPD) that the reporting has been inconsistent and consequently, there is no effective way to account for many of the procurements or the amounts allotted for these purchases.

Agency/Local Public Body Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) will need to be registered in the SPD Tracker system. If registration is needed or there is no access to submit reporting, please contact Francine Wagner ( to obtain access. Reporting procurements under the SWPA shall be filed on a quarterly basis. First report will need to be submitted by April 5, 2024 for the quarter of January-March, 2024. If an agency has zero amount to report this should reflect on the reporting submission. Should an agency not report by the 15th of the month of the closing quarter a non-compliance notice will be issued with copies going to the Legislative Finance Committee and the Department of Finance. This reporting will allow the state purchasing agent to track all procurements under the SWPAs. In addition, this information will assist the Legislative Finance Committee in its tracking of procurement funds. This information will also be available on the State Purchasing Division website for easy reference by other agencies and local public bodies.

 Quarterly Reporting  Report Date
 July-September  October 5
 October-December  January 5
 January-March  April 5
 April-June  July 5

This directive rescinds and supplants any earlier directive or policy memo regarding SWPA reporting duties to the state purchasing agent under this provision of the Procurement Code.

We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Copy to:
Robert Doucette, General Services Department Cabinet Secretary
Anna Silva, General Services Department Deputy Cabinet Secretary
Jennifer Conn, General Services Department Deputy Cabinet Secretary
Local public body CPO’s and CFO’s
Vendors awarded on SWPA’s

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